Zazu AKA Portable" our Celebrities

The Little things we ignore about “Zazu AKA Portable” our Celebrities

The Little things we fail to watch out for sometimes ends up being the biggest problem we later try to solve , first who do you spend time watching “celebrity” do you think there life have any sort of impact to your growth and existence.

Cause The Little things we fail to watch for watch for us to fail.

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The Little!!

What are those things

What!! I ran into the performance of 1 of the famous Nigerian Artist who was brought to stage in a coffin, to the stage to perform and people still accept the performance of the guy What are we turning to in our country in the Name of Artist and fame.

What is going on here is what a so called someone who has people following who’s lifestyle is affecting the young life of many directly or indirectly is doing

The little || Portable in Casket
Portable in Casket

Sign of Mental Disorder

first we know from past record that this guy has nothing to offer the entertainment industry but some reason best know to him and his sponsored he has lasted even more than we expected, hold on second who in his right senses would tattoo a casket on his face for crying out loud, that was the first but as if that was not enough for him, he had to take it a bit further by shipping himself in a real casket to a performance

the little || portable tattoo casket on his face
portable tattoo casket on his face

i hope we are all seeing the big picture here

Wait if tomorrow someone come and tell us that Artist so and so is a this or that how do we defend the so called in question and i really think the government to not take like this lightly cause if nobody put this so call celebrity in check they will destroy a lot of things in our country and upbringing as young young

For me i have made my decision i hope you make yours wisely. cause the truth remain the same that he has an effect on both of our lives

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