Ekubo & Fancy

Why we can get married Popular Actor Ekubo & Fancy.

why we can get married Fancy wrote to Ekubo, Fancy was the one who called off the wedding plan between she and her ex-fiance according to she we can get married because she felt they are in two different plane with for me personally i really don’t think is a good reason why to people in love she break up or even call off a wedding that is already in motion.

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Ekubo & Fancy
Ekubo & Fancy

What Exactly do you think call off this wedding

what exactly cause their separation? according to her she stated that although she love him faithfully and that she has been loyal to him for 5year now, and that she has de- fantasize her self for him just to show how much she is committed to this Relationship. the only thing she would take is to be involve in a expensive wedding, this statement has raise the spark online and has got people taking is this the actual reason to the so call separation between this love birds, cause common every girls dream to have a grand wedding in style.

Ekubo & Fancy
Ekubo & Fancy

The choice ot her words

the choice of her word would make anybody in his right senses think twice

  • No intimacy
  • No extravagant spending
  • apology for calling off the wedding
Ekubo & Fancy
Ekubo & Fancy

No intimacy

No intimacy !!! Ekubo & Fancy wow common in this generations pals common this guy is an actor for goodness sake at least have been opportune to watch 1 or 2 of his movie and i see the kind of movie he is feature in, now quote me if am wrong the kind of movie you watch and act shows us what you believe in right, just link Zazu who believe in casket so what is this about No Intimacy thing he his saying if this guy so much believe in this he should be acting with Mount Zion, just saying could this be the reason why she call off this wedding cause according to her she made mention of she waking up so could it be it.

What was the message she wrote ?

what was the message she sent him and his reply to it, below is the image of there conversation

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