Shocking The Family of 22-year-old factory worker accuses firm

The incident occurred at the ABC Manufacturing Company, where the victim was employed as a machine operator. On the day of the accident, he was using machinery to cut metal sheets when his left arm got caught in one of the blades. After being rushed to a nearby hospital, doctors determined that his arm required amputation due to severe blood loss and tissue damage.

The factory-victim-Adekunle-Sokunbi

The factory Accident

The victim’s family is now suing ABC Manufacturing for negligence, claiming that they had failed to properly maintain safety regulations in their workplace and were aware of potential hazards but did nothing about them. The lawsuit also alleges that the factory was operating without the required safety protocols and fencing, leaving workers vulnerable to dangerous machinery.


The victim, who is now struggling to make ends meet with only one arm, has been denied compensation from ABC Manufacturing even though an independent investigation by the labor department revealed that the company had failed to properly maintain their facilities and observe basic safety guidelines. In response to these allegations, ABC Manufacturing has issued a statement denying any fault on their part but has not provided any additional information regarding potential legal action against them. The family of the victim is currently looking into possible recourse against both the company and its management for failing to adequately protect their son’s well-being while on the job site.